Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Monsters

There are different kind of Monsters. These are Love Monsters. They are a bit like Cupids, but more effective. So be aware! They can get you when you don't expect at all.
I drawn these images as nursery print first, but after a while I decided they could go to my digital sheets for crafters as well. First I hand drawn sketches with the characters, and later worked with final shapes and colours with computer. I think they can make pretty cool magnets or badges.
You can find them here as 1 inch circles perfect for magnets, or here as 2 inch circles great as party decors.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tea Party!

Tea time! I always liked all kitchenwares illustrations. I am also huge fan of green tea, so I decided to go for it and draw teapots. My inspiration came from old fashioned teapots and kettles, but as well from pretty modern scandinavian designs, which I love. As well I always wanted to see the inside of the kettle, so this inspired me to show it in one of the pots :)
For these who like to craft I prepared teapot images as digital collage sheet. They could be used for making cool kitchen magnets or lovely pins or pendants. You can find them in my shop here as circles, and here as squares.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Deep Deep There

This image is the effect of working with two colours: pink and brown. I like this mix since brown is rather a calming colour and he brings some seriousness to the picture, and pink to the contrary is light, funny and not serious at all. All together works well, I think. I used watercolours and ecoline mix.
If someone knows a fish with such colours combination please let me know  - this one is my pure imagination :)

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