Monday, November 28, 2011

Birthday wishes

Lately I felt in love with collages, so of course I had to make some. This one is a mixture of my ink/ecoline drawing and some textures and paint stains. And of course my favourite vintage aged paper.I love this feeling and look of old and used paper.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boston Terrier

I am rather cat person than dog person, but there are breeds which just make me smile. One of them is Boston Terrier. Such a nice dog! I've seen them lately live and they are just adorable.
Quite small, but with strong body, so activ and friendly. I've got to know they are great for children and just perfect dog for a family. But they can be stubborn sometimes as well, but well, who isn't.
They don't need lots of work and mainteinance, but of course you have to keep them healthy and tidy.
Definitely I would consider one if I had enough space (big garden) and I didn't travel that much. But maybe some day...
So, I had to draw him :) Pencil illustration digitally coloured.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Autumn Owls digital download

Autmn is here. The air is not that warm anymore, trees are greyish, and there is something about the colours in general - they are slightly dimmed. Indian summer is gone.
These owls are drawn in fall colours which are not saturated and a bit nostalgic in the character.
Autumn owls images are great for decorating autumn themed parties, DIY cards, magnets or pendants.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Featured Greeting Cards

I am very glad to announce the latest publication featuring some of my greeting cards. It is published by german Zeixs – founded by the publishing house Feierabend Unique Books and the design agency 12ender.I must say looks very interesting. For everyone who is into greeting cards, here is the link to the book: Zeixs Best of Greeting Cards
I'm waiting for one more publication with my greeting cards (from another publisher). Hope it will look as cool as this one.

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