Thursday, May 15, 2014

Folk Birds and Wildflowers

Latest I am really under big influence of folk art, so I decided to incorporate this kind of images into my digital collage sheets.
Folk and nature inspired accesories are very popular now, so it's great to add some of these pieces to your daily outfit. I created Wildflowers images ready to be used in handmade pendants, magnets, earrings or bracelets.

How to create these goodies by yourself? Not so difficult.
You can see great tutorials for making bottlecap pendants by Beadaholique. First part shows how to prepare your images here and second one is expaining and showing how to work with resin coat here

Basically you need:
* bottlecap (base for pendant) but you can use bezel tray as well
* resin
* glue
* sealant/mod podge - to prevent running ink from images
* jump ring bail - to connect pendant with chain - no need if using bezel trays
* ball chain or any other chain you like
* metal hole punch - to make hole in bottlecap for jump ring bail
* torch - to remove bubbles from resin
* measuring cup - for resin
* medical stick - to stir resin and apply it into bottlecap
and of course printed images to incorporate into pendant

Beadoholique explains step by step how to create lovely pendant.
First you glue your circle cut out image to the bottlecap, dry it, then seal it to prevent changing colors of the printout. After drying you just put the resin coat. But of course it takes time, since sealant and resin need to dry. Torch is useful to remove bubbles from resin - just after applying resin into bottlecap.
Very detailed and simple instruction you can find in these tutorials - great source of knowlege for all handcrafters.

Have fun with making your own jewelry!


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